News and events

Event: 1st French partner farm network meeting

27th of January 2023


Event: - Days of the Francophone Association for Grasslands and Forages

21st – 22nd of March 2023

Event: Young farmers meeting at the experimental farm of Trévarez

25th of April 2023

Event: Les Prairiales

1st of June 2023

A technical event about grasslands and grazing

Event: 2nd French partner farm network meeting

29th of June 2023

One of the partner farms


Grasslands represent 20% of the French national territory (11,5 million hectares) and 41% of the agricultural land. The total area of grasslands has remained stable for the last 30 years. Grasslands are mainly located in the regions where the herbivores are bred (Bretagne, Normandie and the mountain areas). 92% of the French dairy cows have access to grasslands and 87% graze more than 170 days per year. Grazing represents a significant share of the cows’ ration. The average size of a French dairy flock is around 60 cows. Farms are mainly runed by family members.

Institut de l’Elevage – IDELE

IDELE was appointed by the French ministry of agriculture as technical center for agriculture (member of ITA network). IDELE is the French national technical reference and normative body in livestock farming systems. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization featuring management by livestock farmer’s federations and trade unions. Its activities encompass applied research, technical assistance and technology transfer in cattle, sheep, goats and horses husbandry sciences. It employs 360 people. The main research topics are genetic evaluation, population management and selection, phenotyping and data collection, management of observatories of breeds, animal husbandry techniques and environment including fodder and pastoralism, quality of animal products, animal health and welfare, farm economics, value chain economics, farm workmanship and social approaches, methods and tools for references and advisory services.


Founded in 1924, French Chambers of Agriculture are public bodies representing French farmers and the rural world. Their 8 325 permanent employees offer advisory services to farmers and other rural stakeholders, test new products, technologies and practices on experimental stations and promote the transfer of innovative practices to end-users during demonstration events as INNOV’ACTION and Tech & Bio (for organic and alternative agriculture). Moreover, they provide expertise to public authorities and give its views on agricultural and rural issues; they have a permanent representation in Brussels which analyse policy trends, organise meetings with the European Union institutions and also work on specific objectives.

There are 89 departmental Chambers of Agriculture (“Department” is a French administrative division between cities and regions) and 13 regional Chambers of Agriculture which are linked by law to one national umbrella (Chambers of Agriculture France / APCA). This dense administrative network is involved in nearly all agricultural sectors.

Facilitator Agents

2 agents that will moderate farm demonstrations of best practices and meetings within the grazing AKIS and encourage all actors to exchange and share knowledge in France

Soline Schetelat

Engineer on forages

Grassland management

Jean-Marc Seuret

Project manager on forages

Grazing management


Partner Farms

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