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Event: First Irish partner farm network meeting

20th of January 2023

Moorepark, Cork

Event: Clover Walks

1st – 18th of April 2023

Across Ireland

Event: Moorepark Open Day

4th of July 2023

Moorepark, Cork

52% of Irelands land area is in permanent agricultural grassland and grassland continues to be the lowest cost feed for milk and meat production in Ireland. The temperate Irish climate combined with plentiful rain fall contributes to a lengthy grazing season from spring to autumn/early winter. Grasslands in Ireland can offer benefits including carbon sequestration and improved biodiversity when managed correctly. However, current grassland systems in Ireland face many new challenges such as achieving reductions in environmental emissions, reductions in chemical fertiliser use, improving water quality and addressing the rising costs in production.



Teagasc is the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority. Its mission is to support science-based innovation in the agri-food sector and wider bio-economy that will underpin profitability, competitiveness and sustainability. Teagasc is the leading national organisation in the fields of agriculture and food research in Ireland. Teagasc employs circa 1,100 staff throughout Ireland at 55 locations including 6 research centres. Moorepark Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre has played a vital role in the development of the Irish dairy industry. Established in 1959 it carries national responsibility for all aspects of dairy production research and specialises in pasture based systems of milk production. Moorepark operates a total of 7 individual dairy research farms totalling 500 ha with over 1,000 dairy cows. Facilitates include modern individual cow feed and metabolism units, laboratories, computer facilities and milking research laboratories. It has developed close alliances with research, advisory and training agencies throughout the world and is continuously seeking to expand international contacts. The Teagasc mission is to support science-based innovation in the agri-food sector and broader bio economy so as to underpin profitability, competitiveness, and sustainability. It facilitates the exchange of knowledge between farmers, advisors, researchers, educators and industry. Teagasc has access to a large network of farmers, industry and academic partners in Ireland and internationally. Teagasc is the Irish national body providing extension, advisory and education services to farmers. It has 8 farmer training colleges and local training centres providing education services to farmers and the knowledge transfer advisory programme is delivered by over 250 advisers in 12 Regional Advisory Areas throughout Ireland.

Facilitator Agents

2 agents that will moderate farm demonstrations of best practices and meetings within the grazing AKIS and encourage all actors to exchange and share knowledge in Ireland

Caitlin Looney

Grassland Resilience Research Officer in the Teagasc Grassland Department focusing on clover incorporation and nitrogen reductions on farm

John Douglas

Teagasc Grass10 Advisor whose role is to facilitate grassland innovations on farm through a weekly newsletter, monthly grassland discussion groups and on farm events


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