Upcoming Events


November 2023

Webinar: “How to create a video? Storytelling in the agricultural sector”

Thursday, November 23, 18:30-19:30 (CET),  Online Event (English only)


We are pleased to invite you to the Webinar: “How to create a video? Storytelling in the agricultural sector” under the framework of the Grazing 4 Agro Ecology project.

Farming brings many great things to society, but unfortunately it is increasingly being portrayed in a negative light. Time to share your positive story around livestock farming to society to change this. But how do you do this properly?

In this webinar Iris Paulus, communication professional at ZLTO, and Yara Herpertz, training & development specialist at LTO academy, give farmers, advisors and other agricultural partners tools to tell their story about livestock farming more effectively and efficiently by empowering the use of smartphones and free software for videos and storytelling.

After the webinar, attendees will be invited to share their brand-new videos with us, and a selection of videos will be given stage on the G4AE media channels!

How to register? – via this formular (links to join will be sent prior the meeting)


Past Events


September 2023

General Assembly Meeting n°3

Tuesday, September 19 – Thursday, September 21

In September 2023, we meet with the whole project consortium in Rennes, France.


June 2023

Young Farmers Tour Germany

Wednesday, June 21 – Thursday, June 22

In June 2023, 45 young farmers gathered in Oldenburg, Northern Germany, to learn and exchange about grazing-related topics.


March 2023

General Assembly Meeting n°2

Tuesday, March 21 – Thursday, March 23

In March 2023, we met with the whole project consortium in Lisbon, Portugal.