G4AE applies a systemic approach by interconnecting 8 EU Member States grazing AKISs (Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation Systems) to reverse the grazing use decline in Europe.


G4AE aims to reach all the relevant actors that are linked to the grazing sector including farmers, industry, applied and academic research, NGOs, advisory and society in order to empower farmers to manage ruminants at pasture, with positive benefits to their income, animal welfare, environment, and human health.






Partner Farms Network

15 grazing farmers in each project MS (total = 120), that will integrate the G4AE project into the practice communities and will be the source of best-practices and innovative agroecological ideas

Facilitator Agents (FAs)

16 agents that will moderate farm demonstrations of best practices and meetings within the grazing AKIS and encourage all actors to exchange and share knowledge

Young Farmers Group

Young farmers to unlock the potential of the young farming community to shape the future of grassland-based farming

Scientific and Technical Working Groups (STWG)

Composed of scientists and national experts with expertise in agroecology and grazing, will have the mission to synthesise, validate and enrich the best practices observed at farmers, with scientific knowledge and put this into an agroecological context.