What is our main goal?

The overall goal of G4AE is hence to strengthen the farmers’ capacities in optimising and promoting grazing of ruminants for its positive economic, ecological, cultural & societal value, including animal welfare through multi-actor collaboration, co-creation and knowledge sharing, reinforcing national grazing AKISs.

What are our objectives?

Objective #1

implement a new approach to assess and optimise grazing-based farming in an integrated way based on agroecology so that it meets the demands in terms of economic, ecological and societal aspects, as well as animal welfare, triggering innovation through farmer’s self-assessment

Objective #2

capture the practice needs, tapping and sharing best agroecological grazing practices via a partner-farm network and surveys

Objective #3

strengthen the grazing AKIS through the implementation of a cross-border infrastructure for co-creation, collaboration, cross-fertilisation and knowledge-exchange and for impacting on the mind-set of the future farmers generation

Objective #4

implement a Knowledge & Information Management System to persistently converge and sustainably deploy know-how and innovations