G4AE Network of Publishers

LAND & FORST (Germany)

Weekly agricultural magazine

Land & Forst – The Voice of Agriculture is a weekly magazine for agriculture and forestry in Lower Saxony. It reaches over 170,000 readers and 89.3 % of farms in the publication area every week. The thematic focus is on current developments in arable and livestock farming and reporting on agricultural policy developments at EU, federal and state level.


Agrarheute (Germany)

Monthly agricultural magazine

Agrarheute is a monthly agricultural trade magazine with specials for cattle and dairy. The target group primarily includes farmers in German-speaking countries as well as people from all the sectors of agriculture.


Elite – das Magazin für Milcherzeuger (Germany)

Bimonthly Dairy Magazine 

Elite is a magazine for everyone with passion for cows, herd management and milk production. It offers the latest research results from home and abroad. Elite sells around 25,000 copies per issue, a third of them outside of Germany. In addition, elite has a large range of digital information that is regularly accessed by around 50,000 users.



Top agrar (Germany)

Agricultural magazine

Top agrar is Germany’s largest agricultural trade journal. In addition to production-related topics in the areas of animal husbandry, arable farming and grassland, it also deals with agricultural policy issues.


Teagasc Grass10 Newsletter (Ireland)

Weekly magazine

The Teagasc Grass10 newsletter is released weekly, every Tuesday afternoon by the Grass10 team. It reaches approximately 1500 industry stakeholders and approximately 4,000 Pasturebase Ireland (Grazing application) users. The newsletter includes tailored management tips for grazing, PastureBase Ireland growth figures, Grass growth and soil temperature predictions, Grass10 Farmer profile, the Clover Reporter, research updates and more.


Food Hub network newsletter (Romania)

Monthly agricultural magazine

The newsletter aims to deliver news for farmers and small food producers regarding legislative changes, public and private funding, events, training and a brief article about a selected topic each month.



Bioland-Newsletter (Italy)

Agricultural magazine (4 issues/year)

The Bioland-Newsletter is published 4 times a year. In addition to general information about the association, important content on new regulations and specialist topics is also communicated. Topics such as pasture, animal welfare and biodiversity play an important role here.


CRPA Newsletter (CRPA Informa) (Italy)

Bimonthly magazine

The CRPA newsletter is released twice a month. It includes research updates from projects where CRPA is a partner. The focus of projects is on farm sustainability, agronomy, animal welfare and biosecurity, circular economy in livestock farms, and more.



Svenska Vallbrev (Sweden)

Agricultural magazine (7 issues/year)

Svenska Vallbrev is a periodic magazine published by the Swedish Grassland Society (Svenska Vallföreningen) with seven issues a year. The focus is on temporary and semi-natural grasslands; production and utilisation of forages and grazing. In addition to production-related topics it also deals with ecosystem services in grasslands, e.g. biodiversity and carbon sequestration. Invitations to grassland-oriented events, nationally and internationally, are announced and reported, and the grassland farmer of the year is described and celebrated.



L’Eleveur Laitier (France)

Monthly agricultural magazine

L’Éleveur Laitier, a monthly magazine specializing in dairy farming, strikes a balance between technical insights, economic considerations, and industry news in each issue. With the overarching goal of aiding both large and small farms, the publication provides valuable content to analyze sector challenges, interpret news, and facilitate informed decision-making processes.



Réussir Lait (France)

Weekly agricultural magazine

Réussir Lait is one of the French largest dairy production journals. The main topics are about dairy cows husbandry, dairy production and herd management. It also deals with agricultural policy issues, environmental and economical issues.



VeeteeltGRAS (Netherlands)

Montlhy animal Husbandry magazine

VeeteeltGRAS is the platform for growing grass for cattle breeding. VeeteeltGRAS inspires and informs more than 20,000 dairy farmers in the Netherlands and Flanders, in print, online and via podcasts.Especially now, at a time when sustainability, local protein production and biodiversity are at the top of the agenda, sound professional information, passion and inspiration are important keywords for successful grassland farming.



Tidningen Husdjur (Sweden)

Swedish dairy farmers newsletter/ 11 issues per year

Husdjur has since 1948 been the leading magazine for Swedish dairy farmers. The 11 issues of Husdjur each year covers topics like breeding, forage, animal health, housing, equipment and management. With 4 500 subscribers Husdjur reaches the majority of Sweden’s 2 950 dairy farms. We also have a small number of readers in Norway, Finland and Denmark.



Land Lantbruk (Sweden)

Agricultural Newspaper released weekly

Land Lantbruk is Sweden’s largest agricultural newspaper with about 166,000 weekly readers. The newspaper is published once a week and covers issues within farming, forestry, and the rural environment. The newspaper consists of two parts: Land Lantbruk about farming and Land Skogsbruk about forestry. It is an independent membership magazine for the Swedish Farmers’ Union, but it is also distributed to many subscribing non-members.



Lantmannen (Sweden)

Monthly Swedish Agricultural Magazine

Lantmannen is one of Sweden’s leading agricultural magazines, which was started as early as 1890. We cover areas such as crop cultivation, animal husbandry, grazing, economics, new technology and research in agriculture. The magazine is published on a monthly basis.


Jordbruksaktuellt (Sweden)

Agriculture newspaper / every second week

Jordbruksaktuellt is the largest independent agriculture newspaper in Sweden, with an edition of 68 200. The newspaper is published every second week, but we also cover daily news  everyday online. We produce news about agriculture for the benefit of the farmer, their profession and everyday life. Our focus is the people and the companies that make a difference and drive Swedish agriculture forward. The topics that we cover can be everything from farming, forestry, politics, economics and international news. The newspaper is financed through advertisement and is distributed to all professional farmers in Sweden free of charge.




Tidningen Nötkött (Sweden)

Beef farmers magazine / 6 issues per year

Nötkött has since 1983 been the leading magazine for Swedish beef farmers. The 6 issues of Nötkött each year covers topics like breeding, forage, animal health, housing, equipment and management. With 3 600 subscribers Nötkött reaches the majority of the Swedish professional beef farmers. We also have a small number of readers in other Nordic countries.



 Agrotec (Portugal)

Technical-scientific agricultural / 4 issues per year

Agrotec is a technical-scientific agricultural magazine that has the purpose of disseminating useful practices and concepts to technicians, entrepreneurs, and small agricultural producers. It aims to present and promote innovative technologies that increase the competitiveness of Portuguese agriculture and Portuguese-speaking countries. Associated with this product are the supplements Small Fruits, Agrobotics and Large Crops. It is a quarterly magazine with a circulation of around 8,000 copies.



Rede Rural Nacional (RRN) (Portugal)

Online platform, for disseminating and sharing / Constantly updated (many times a day or at least everday)

The RRN is the Portuguese structure that connects agents who play an active role in rural development and is a platform for disseminating and sharing information, improving performance, and obtaining better results. The RRN promotes links between public and private organizations, with the aim of increasing the participation of stakeholders in the implementation of rural development, improving the quality of rural development programme implementation, informing the general public and potential beneficiaries about rural development policy and funding possibilities, and fostering innovation in agriculture, food production, forestry, and rural areas.