WorkPackage 1: Project Management and Coordination

Description of workpackage

Ensuring good project management and safeguarding is essential for a successful implementation of the project. The objective of WP1 is to monitor progress, follow up the expenses of each partner, timely delivering of deliverables and reporting to the EC. WP 1 will take care of all contractual issues, including the consortium agreement and grant agreement and good comunication within the consortium.


Task 1 Setup of Steering Committee and Scientific and Technical Working Group (M1-M3)

Task 2 Organisation of project meetings (M1-M42)

Task 3 Planning and monitoring of project activities (M1-M42)

Task 4 Activity and financial reports (M12-M42)

WorkPackage 2: Establishing a Partner Farm Network to build capacity on grazing for Agro-ecology

Description of workpackage

Establish and maintain PFN at national level, to create an inventory of PF best practices to optimise farm performance in the areas of economics, ecology, culture and societal value of the farm as well as on animal welfare, the self-assessment by partner farmers of their performance based on the principles of agro-ecology, but also peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange within national PFN networks.


Task 1 Developing the Partner Farm Network (PFN) (M1-M42)

Task 2 Determination of indicators for assessing grazing capacities on farm level (M1-M12)

Task 3 Creation of an inventory of farmer best practices to optimise production, economic, ecological, cultural and societal values (M2-M20)

Task 4 Self-assessment of grazing farmers for their agro-ecological performance (M12-M24)

Task 5: Peer-to-peer learning and knowledge-sharing within national partner farm networks (M6-M42)

WorkPackage 3: Interconnection and cross-border linking of national PFN with national AKISs

Description of workpackage

Appoint the FAs for brokering, moderation, cross-fertilisation and linking national PFNs, to enrich farmer know-how with scientific knowledge providing ready-to-use, transferable knowledge effectively, optimising farm performance on the agro-ecology principles and to strengthen national grazing and cross-border AKISs by linking them to an international grazing AKIS.


Task 1 Building FA-resources for moderation, cross-fertilisation & cross-border exchange (M1-M42)

 Task 2 Conducting Context Analysis improving transferability & spreading of best-practices (M3-M30)

Task 3 Large-scale survey of the grazing sector through an online questionnaire (M13-M21)

Task 4 Conducting 40 national grazing-AKIS meetings (M8-M40)

Task 5 Linking the national grazing-AKISs across borders (M12-M40)

Task 6 Cross-border networking with actors of existing labelling approaches (M1-M21)

WorkPackage 4: Strategic capacity building addressing the next generation of grazing farmers

Description of Workpackage

Understand the mind-set of the young farmer to ensure that the best methods to reach them are used, to establish national young farmer/advisor groups to test outputs from G4AE and provide strategic advice, to organise international Young Farmers Tours for training and creation of a grazing network, to develop educational material tailored for the young farming community and to organise regional expert meetings to further deepen the knowledge about grazing.


Task 1 Mind-set of young farmers (M1-M12)

Task 2 National young farmers groups  (M1-M42)

Task 3 Young Farmers Tours for strategically improving grazing (M13-M42)

Task 4 National training/education (M13-M42)

Task 5 Carousel of experts for cross-border information exchange (M1-M42)

WorkPackage 5: Effective dissemination and communication

Description of Workpackage

Create Large scale dissemination of the existing best practical solutions and boosting their uptake, to encourage the utilisation of digital tools, to interconnect existing efficient communication channels by taking into consideration the diversity in each MS to increase the flow of practical information between practitioners and to communicate the main important project findings to the society.


Task 1 Inventory and analysis of appropriate communication channels and monitoring the plan for dissemination, communication and exploitation of results (M1-M42)

Task 2 Creating a one-stop grazing newsletter shop through synergies between the existing EU grazing publishers (M3-M42)

Task 3 Promotion of Grazing4AgroEcology results (M1-M42)

Task 4: Scaling-up the outreach of the network and project results (M6-M42)

Task 5. Boosting momentum and farmers engagement through G4AE-Awards (M12-M30)


WorkPackage 6: Knowledge and Information Management

Description of Workpackage

Establish the G4AE user-friendly website, to create the inventory and provision of tools for self-assessment of sustainability of grazing farmers, to provide a knowledge reservoir for innovations on grazing and connecting it with existing databases and repositories, to enrich knowledge reservoirs and toolboxes for grazing farmers with all available resources, to measure the impact on changes on mind-set that will occur within the consortium to foster implementation of sustainable agro-ecology-sound grazing-based production systems


Task 1 Creation of a Project Website (M1-M6)

Task 2 Providing tools for self-assessment of integrated farm performance (M1-M12)

Task 3 Establishing the G4AE knowledge reservoir and interconnecting with similar reservoirs (M1-M42)

Task 4 Gathering data from various sources and enriching, extending and updating existing or currently designed toolboxes (M1-M42)

Task 5 Impact pathway navigator (M1-M42)



Arno Krause

Project coordinator

Leader of Workpackage 1

Grunlandzentrum, Germany

Michael O'Donovan


Leader of Workpackage 2

Teagasc, Ireland

Giovanni Peratoner


Leader of Workpackage 3

Laimburg Research Center, Italy

Agnes van den Pol-van Dasselaar


Leader of Workpackage 4

Aeres, The Netherlands

Mugurel Jitea


Leader of Workpackage 5

USAMV Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Christian Huyghe


Leader of Workpackage 6

INRAE, France