4. June 2024

Interview with Farmer Walter Steger (Künighof)


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During our GPA Meeting in South Tyrol, we visited the Künighof farm in St. Johann, Ahrntal.

The Künighof, managed by Walter Steger, is located at 1,100 meters above sea level. The farm covers 6 hectares of owned land, 8 hectares of rented land, and 19 hectares of forest. It operates with 17 Tyrolean Grey Breed cows and their calves, 8-10 purchased calves, and one co-owned Limousin bull.

The farm focuses on suckler cow farming with meat production and vegetable cultivation. Products are either directly marketed or used in the farm’s own hotel. Since 2003, the farm has been operating organically, transitioning to suckler cow farming in 2018.

Walter Steger, supported by his wife and two sons, emphasizes reducing labor intensity and adopting cost-effective production methods. The farm uses a seasonal grazing system without concentrates and relies on a hay-based ration.

The future goal is to slaughter animals directly on the farm, managing all processes internally, with the help of their son Dominik, who is a butcher. The Künighof aims to maximize independence from external inputs and maintain a closed nutrient cycle.

The language of the video is German.